Bigbike Touring Thailand, BigBike Touring

Northern Thailand is world famous for bike loops that are home to many interesting small towns and tourist attractions. Including waterfalls, long neck villages, hot water springs and many northern hill tribes. Ride over 1000 curves every day on some of the most incredible motorcycling roads in the world.

All our routes are wholly knowledge based, relying on our in depth understanding of the region and the terrain, and balancing what we know riders want from a top quality tour. We create tours throughout the region – in Northern Thailand and the border countries. Our tours are tried and tested, including the famous named routes but each with our own take on them. Because we live in this region full time, we ride the area every single day. It’s this understanding that allows us to insert discovery and adventure into every tour we put our name on. Many competitors have tried to copy our routes however as each is unique to suit individual groups, they fail! Most of our guests have researched the region before looking for a tour and we love it when that happens. Tell us what your ‘must see’ and ‘must do’s’ are and let us work it out for you.

Most of our standard adventure tours are within the North West and Eastern regions of Thailand, a true bikers paradise whether on road or off road. Plus we do tour south to Kanchanaburi (Bridge over River Kwai region) and the infamous Golden Triangle region is very popular and a must see, and so is the stunning Mighty Mekhong river routes we have found and we will arrange a custom tour absolutely anywhere in Thailand.

Let us also guide you to the ancient city of Sukhothai which is the original ancient capital city of Siam! And what about a ride through Lop Buri the city that is home to over 3000 wild monkeys. We will arrange a custom tour absolutely anywhere in Thailand.

Bigbike Touring Thailand, BigBike Touring


There are 2 main Northern Thailand route regions, the north-west and the north-east.North West

The legendary Mae Hong Son Loop is the core of most westerly road tours with over 1864 bends and over 750 kms of continuous, twisting, sweeping and almost desolate beautiful mountain roads. If the sense of freedom is one the appeals of riding for you then this route has it. The loop is also home to many interesting small towns and tourist attractions including waterfalls, long neck villages, hot water springs and close to many hill tribe villagers whose welcome is one to be experienced. We know this area better than most, we’ve been doing this longer than most, and you will get a unique motorcycle adventure tour, guaranteed! It will be a real and authentic experience you’ll treasure for many years to come. Our destinations can include:

  • The hippy town of Pai
  • Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s most westerly town
  • The border town and riverside oasis of Mae Sariang
  • The incredible refugee camps of Mae Ramat
  • The main Myanmar southern border crossing town of Mae Sot
  • Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Siam
  • The Sirikit Royal Dam and Reservoir
  • The stunning temple city of Nan


Incredible, flowing roads home to some of the best motorcycling in the world! Yes, the world! With over 1000 curves each day our destinations can include:

  • The lakeside town of Phayao
  • The stunning temple city of Nan
  • The ancient salt wells of bo klua
  • The mighty Mekong border town of Chiang Khong
  • The infamous golden triangle (where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meets)
  • The most northerly border town of Mae Sai
  • Beautiful Chiang Rai and its famous white temple
  • Doi Mae Salong and its amazing Chinese community high in the mountains amongst tea and coffee plantations
  • Doi Chang and its world renowned coffee products
  • The cave town of Chiang Dao and its wonderful peaks
  • Plus various waterfalls, remote hill tribe communities and national parks

We offer:

  • Tours of any duration throughout Northern Thailand and multi country tours of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.
  • We can create your perfect tour to fit your busy schedule, simply tell us your thoughts!
  • It could be a one way tour (for example starting in Chiang Mai and finishing in Phuket), a Dad ‘n Lad tour … or a Dad ‘n Daughter too of course!
  • Be it a birthday, anniversary, stag or hen party tour, you tell us the occasion and we will make it extra special.