The motorcycles we offer on our tours

Thai Bike Tours provide quality motorcycles that have been personally checked by me, they are in good condition and usually 1- 2 yrs old maximum, brakes and tyres will be to UK standards and prepared and checked prior to each tour, all bikes are electric start and the support vehicle will always carry spares and tools to sort most eventualities.

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The bikes that we use



We currently use modified 2009-10 model Kawasaki KLX250 bikes (made in Thailand), more than enough power for this terrain, light enough to pick up when you”re tired and extremely reliable too. The new Honda CRF 250 is now available too, we have already tested this new model and it’s looking very impressive, we will wait a few months and after a few more trials we will seriously consider adding to our bike list.


Kawasaki ER6 (650cc) is our current first choice, it seems to suit everyone, a great bike for the various on road tours operated by Thai Bike Tours but of course with no off road ability.

The Kawasaki Versys 650cc tourer is a great bike and is now fully available and is proving to be very popular especially amongst bmw gs1200/850 riders.

My personal choice if your interested though is the Kawasaki D tracker 250cc super motard, much lighter and better riding position (for me) more than capable for sure. Or even the Honda CBR 250cc.

Scooter Tours

Honda PCX Scooter, Fully Automatic-no gears-twist and go Anyone! yes anyone can ride the Honda PCX scooter It is a luxury scooter, comfortable, smooth and more than enough power From a day ride into the mountains or a 3, 5, 7 to 14 day scooter tour of the whole of the North of Thailand, the Honda PCX scooter will handle it all with ease. You choose the route and the duration of the tour. 2 rider minimum tours from £75 per day per person.


The Honda phantom 200cc is a great little comfortable feet forward bike. The big bike market in Thailand is constantly under review, as you may prefer to ride a different model of bike on your tour we can discuss available models with you.


Safety really is a priority for us as most of the tours we are riding are in extremely remote regions. I hope too it”s your priority?

We do have assorted body armour, knee pads and elbow pads, helmets, boots, gloves jackets and boots etc for off road tours, but they are all used and tend to be of the larger sizes xxl xxxl.

I do recommend you bring your own helmet and any gear you choose, as wearing ill-fitting gear really isn”t where you want to be, you want to feel good and on top form to enjoy some of the best biking you will ever have the pleasure to experience. Sunglasses or tinted visors are a deffo!

Sturdy walking boots are sufficient though, I do recommend ventilated jackets for road tours with elbow back and shoulder protection. Full racing leathers are definitely too hot and will look rather silly!! Honest!!

We are constantly adding to our “kit list” so check with us before you rush out to buy riding gear for your Thailand bike tour.

However, let us know what you need, if we have it in our storeroom it”s yours rent free, if we don”t, we can go and buy it for you with no profit added, you simply pay the ticket price.

And if you don’t want to lug it back to Europe I might even buy it off you!!

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