Ten Day On-Road Adventure Baby Grande North Thailand Tour

Our Tour Destinations

  • Chiang Mai
  • Mae sot
  • Mae Hong Son
  • Pai
  • Chiang Rai
  • Chiang Khong
  • Pua
  • Nan
  • Phetchabun
  • Sukhothai
  • Chiang Mai

Total Distance – 3,115 Kilometers
More than 10,000 curves

Places of Interest & Tour Summary

Our 10 day Adventure can be customized to suit your groups needs, we can add rest days if you choose and also we can exchange certain sections to include a southern loop too.

We guarantee the best road riding in SE Asia with unlimited photo opportunities and memories that will last forever!

Enroute you will see

  • Myanmar/Thai friendship bridge
  • Refuge Camps at Mae Ramat
  • Mae Hong Son Loop
  • Pha Bong Gorge
  • Karen long neck Hill tribe village
  • Pai River, Longboat trip
  • Pai Canyon
  • WW2 Memorial Bridge
  • River Rafting and Elephant camps
  • Chiang Dao Cave
  • Doi Ang Khang
  • Doi Chang
  • Amazing White Temple
  • Doi Mae Salong
  • Mae Sai/Takhilek Myanmar Border Town
  • Infamous Golden Triangle
  • Mighty Mekhong River routes
  • Opium Museum
  • Laos Border
  • Phu Che Fah
  • Phu Sang Waterfall
  • Bo Klua ancient Salt Well
  • Big Buddha
  • Sirikat Dam/Reservoir
  • Wat Phasorn Kaew Temple (unique 5 headed Buddha)
  • Ancient Capital city of Siam and World Heritage site

10 Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Chiang Mai to Mae Sot – 400 Kilometers – 8 Hours

It’s big day of riding and a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with your bike on a variety of Thailand’s roads. There is a great selection of roads consisting of tight corners, fast sweepers, country and remote roads over mountains and through valleys.

After the daily morning briefing, we first head south then turn west towards the town of Mae Sot which is on the border with Burma. As with every day, you are provided with refreshments and a good lunch along the way.

Arriving at the hotel in Mae Sot you have a chance to freshen up before heading out to dinner at a lovely restaurant, good yarn about today’s ride and the days ahead.

Day 2 – Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son – 405 Kilometers – 8.5 Hours

After breakfast we head off to ride some of the most beautiful and remote roads in Northern Thailand.

In the morning we hug the Burmese border where we will stop alongside the huge refugee camps to give you a chance to see this close up. The camp’s are situated over a vast area with most of the housing consisting of bamboo huts. The majority of the refugees come from Burma.

Continuing the journey we hook up with the famous Mae Hong Son Loop which for us starts at Mae Sariang. We also stop at Pha Bong Gorge along the way before entering the Shan town of Mae Hong Son, which is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains.

There is a spectacular view point that overlooks this picturesque town where we can watch the sun go down over the Himalayan chain of mountains with Burma in the distance.
In the evening you have a chance to experience the local Shan food if you desire at the restaurant and chat about the day’s ride. Followed by a walk around the markets or have a few drinks in this lovely Shan town.

Day 3 Mae Hong Son to Pai – 220 Kilometers – 8 Hours

Today is full of unforgettable sight-seeing and experiences and spectacular riding.
After breakfast we ride to the Pai River where we hop on a small boat and travel up this jungle river to visit the long neck Karen tribe. This excursion looks like it’s out of a National Geographic Magazine and a trip you will never forget.

Later we visit the famous Mae Hong Son Bamboo bridge, ride high mountain passes with magnificent viewpoints and visit Pai Canyon on the way to our overnight stay in the township of Pai, a vibrant location nestled in the hills.

We have a meal at a lovely restaurant in Pai with many food choices and talk about today’s ride. After you can walk around the town, check out some of the bars or listen to one of the bands playing in numerous places.

Day 4 – Pai to Chiang Rai – 310 Kilometers 8 Hours

Following breakfast, our first stop is a historic WW2 bridge over the Pai River. We then ride high mountain roads, taking a refreshment stop along the way.

After a refreshment stop, we continue along a beautiful small country road where we eventually make our way back down to the elephant and rafting camps nestled in the mountains.

We then head north before turning east on remote roads till we again start to climb mountainous roads that runs along ridges providing breathtaking scenery on both sides of the road on our way to the coffee plantations of Doi Chang. Thai coffee is exceptionally good and sold all over Thailand and here we get a chance to enjoy Thailand’s finest coffee straight from the area it’s grown in.

Next we descend towards our destination for the night on our way we stop at the beautiful White Temple in Chiang Rai. This temple put Chiang Rai on the map and is an architectural masterpiece with a very peculiar twist.

Finally we come to our overnight stay in Chiang Rai a exciting city where, after dinner, there is much to see and do.

Day 5 – Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong – 260 Kilometers 7 Hours

After Breakfast we head to our first stop at the Chinese village of Doi Mae Salong. This spectacular bustling little town way up in the mountains dates back to the Chinese Communist Revolution (A great story I will tell you about on tour).

We leave Doi Mae Salong and ride mountain roads that hug the border with Burma till we reach the top of Thailand and the border town of Mae Sai the northern most point of Thailand. This is a bustling border town between Thailand and Burma with goods and produce crossing at this border.

Leaving Mae Sai we head off to the famous Golden Triangle. This is the place on the Mekong where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, and it was home of the Opium trade. A trip to the Opium Museum, a remarkably interesting place, provides a glimpse into how it transpired.

From here we make our way to our overnight spot at Chiang Khong, a town nestled on the Mekong River. This also a border town which has a crossing to the country of Laos.

Another excellent days ride with more stories to tell at tonight’s restaurant.

Day 6 – Chiang Khong to Pua – 330 Kilometers – 8 Hours

After breakfast we head along small country roads to breath-taking mountainous views of Phu Chee Fah. This mountain road allows you to follow the ridges providing magnificent views of the valleys and farmlands below. It is also the home of the Hmong people, a farming tribe, who live on these mountains.

We descend from Phu Chee Fah and have a brief stop at Phu Sang Waterfall. This warm spring waterfall looks as if it is descending from a cave. Leaving Phu Sang it is not long before we take on one the world’s best roads that leads to our overnight stay in Pua. This road has so many challenges with switch backs, hairpin corners and magnificent views making it an unforgettable riding experience.

Day 7 – Pua to Nan – 220 Kilometers – 7 Hours

Today we head north travelling past farm lands and small towns before looping back to hug the Laos Border on our way to the Historical town of Bo Klua. This will be a unique experience visiting the salt mines where we will see how they used to mine the salt.

Leaving Bo Klua we head along a challenging but fun road full of twists, turns and switch backs with our next stop being at the reclining Buddha. This is a great photo opportunity with the bikes lined up next to the Buddha.

Finally we head on to our overnight stop in the lovely town of Nan.

Day 8 – Nan to Phetchabun –  410 Kilometers – 8.5 Hours

Riding out from Nan we head out on rural roads and head to a ferry crossing across the Sirikit Dam (a unique experience). From there we move on through rural roads past farmlands and small towns till we ride another extremely amazing   road which is full of fast curves and spectacular scenery taking us to our overnight destination in Phetchabun where we enjoy a good meal after a big days ride.

Day 9 – Phetchabun to Sukhothai – 260 Kilometers – 6 Hours

Today we ride to the ancient city of Sukhothai that was once the capital and now one of Thailand’s most impressive world heritage sites and is listed by UNESCO. You will visit the ancient city’s ruins and its temples which are located in a beautiful historical park.

Todays first stop is a Thai fortress, up in the mountains, from where they fought the communist regime seeking to take over Thailand. An interesting place with magnificent views.

We then visit Wat Phasornkaew Temple and the amazing 5 headed Buddha which is located in the hills of Khao Kho. A truly awe-inspiring site.

Finally we head to the Sukhothai where we spend the night and have our last dinner together.

Day 10 -Sukhothai to Chiang Mai – 300 Kilometers – 8 Hours

On our final day of the tour we head out along the plains and past rice fields until we reach the mountains again. We ride the remote tight and twisty roads that take us to where our final lunch stop.

After lunch we continue riding past farmlands and small villages until we reach our final destination back in Chiang Mai.

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