Frequently Asked Questions

It’s getting closer and closer to a booking too, we didn’t want to bog you down with the finer details in the main section of the site so here it is, hope you’re sitting comfortably, by the way, every page/section is printable to make it easier to digest but remember any questions just email me and i’ll get straight back to you.

Now you have selected your Thailand adventure touring holiday, you need to make a booking and make sure we can fulfill your motorcycle tour requirements. The information in the following pages is intended to provide you with a guide to help you book your bike tour & arranging your travel & other documentary requirements. Many airlines fly into Bangkok from Europe, some direct and some with a short stopover. More recently, Qatar Airlines operate flights into Chiang Mai from Doha (which is well connected from Europe.

Here are some links to help you find your flight to Thailand:

Travel House (Uk) Travel insurance and persona l medical/recovery insurance is not included in the tour cost, you must arrange your own and you must bring the insurance documents with you (not copies)

Trailfinders offers these policies – tel 0115 948 7700

Thai basic motor insurance is included, this does not pay for damage to the bike, you the rider are responsible for any bike damage. A £250 Bike excess deposit must be paid in cash before the tour commences, this excess deposit will be paid back in full if there is no damage to the bike. A full British driving licence is required that allows you to ride unlimited cc motorcycles, you should bring with you both parts of your licence.

For driving and riding in Thailand you need an International Driving Permit (IDP)1949, as well as your British license (both parts).

You can get your IDP from many main post offices in person see notes below from The AA website

Applying for an IDP at a Post Office

Personal applications for an IDP can be made at selected Post Office® branches.

You must apply in person (no third-party applications).

You must complete an application form available from the Post Office®, and produce one of the following ORIGINAL valid documents:

Your UK driving licence (if photocard licence then photocard and counterpart)

Your UK pass certificate (certificate of competence to drive, valid for two years from the date of your test), together with your provisional driving licence.

This document must be accompanied by a recent passport-sized photograph (see photograph checklist on the application form ) on photographic paper, signed on the back by you and showing full face against a light background, together with some other acceptable signed proof of identity (eg passport).

There are no other circumstances under which an IDP can be issued at a Post Office®.

Payment to the Post Office® may be made by cash or cheque. If by cheque this should be made payable to “Post Office Ltd” and supported by a cheque guarantee card. Payment cards (credit/charge/debit) are not accepted for these transactions. A 20% deposit will be required with your completed booking forms.

If your booking is a group booking we would prefer 1 combined deposit not 1 deposit for each rider.

1 booking form to be completed per rider.

A further 20% 2nd payment will be required 60 days before the tour start date and the final balance to be received 7 days before the tour start date

Deposits and balances can be paid via:

PayPal (5% charge) you don”t even need a paypal account to do this!! it’s by far the safest, fully insured and guaranteed.


Cheque or bank transfer.

Do I need a Visa to enter Thailand?

People travelling from 43 countries (UK is one of them) – are not required to obtain a visa in their home country before entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each visit (but this can usually be extended for a further 30 days by visiting a Thai immigration office – costs an extra £50). If your stay is longer than 30 days please visit, all the information you need is there (where a 60 day tourist visa can be obtained at a small cost).

How much spending money will I need?

Not a lot as virtually everything is sorted by us. Alcohol, gifts, evening entertainment and tips are not included, a half pint of draft beer is about £1 and bottled imported beer is about £1.50.

Thai Baht is the currency but don’t get it in Europe wait till you get to Thailand you will get a better rate although ATM machines do charge about £5 per transaction.

What biking gear do I need to bring?

Remember it’s going to be hot so leathers and thermal lined kit is definitely not required however you do need to be protected both from the sun and any possible mishaps, also tree branches and bugs need to be kept out.

You need the lightest gloves you can buy (motocross gloves are ideal), goggles or tinted visors or sunglasses are an absolute must, combat trousers are loose enough for comfort but offer little protection but if they are worn over protection they will do the job, jeans are normally too hot and will stick to your legs.

I use motocross style clothing and helmets for all tours as it’s really comfortable, it breathes and it’s light. I have an enduro jacket that is totally breathable but has protection too which I wear on the road tours.

Sturdy walking style boots or army boots are a substitute for biking boots I often wear short motocross paddock style boots.

I always wear full body armour including knee shin and hip pads.

Hazards on the road

Driving is on the left the same as the UK, however being really aware of all road users is the order of the day, anticipate the most hideous road rules and you’re halfway there.

Many folk think Thai’s are bad drivers personally I think they are very bike aware and because they all know this, the traffic seems to flow quite well.

We will have a full briefing about this in our team briefing before the tour.

Pot holes wash outs and disappearing roads and collapsed bridges are normal sights.

Buffalo and cows are also very common grazing or asleep on the road and if you see a thai dog in the road be sure it ain’t gonna move for you!!!

Electrical kit

Thailand is 230 v and you will need a 2 pin adapter (European)

Smile and be courteous

Thai’s generally don’t like confrontation and aggressive behaviour, please remember this at all times and remember we are riding often on their territory, a smile and a wave goes down a storm.

  • Transfer from Chiang Mai airport or railway station (to your hotel)
  • Welcome group meal and briefing
  • Tuk Tuk and taxi fares whilst out with the group.
  • Accommodation the night before the riding starts and the night the riding ends (in Chiang Mai)
  • Approx 100-200km riding per day (off road tours).
  • 250-450 kms (on road) of riding each day.
  • Lots of photo opportunities.
  • All accommodation throughout the tour is based on single occupancy.
  • All meals throughout the tour: breakfast, morning tea, lunch afternoon tea and evening meal.
  • Motorbike Hire (fully checked) including fuel and oil.
  • Biking gear is available although you may prefer to bring your own.
  • English rider with every tour (me).
  • Thai tour guide registered with Thai tourist authority( fluent English).
  • Thai support truck driver (fluent English).
  • Support truck with spares carrying luggage.
  • Tea coffee making facility and cold canned drinks.
  • 3rd party insurance excluding bike damage, £250 bike deposit required) any bike damage must be paid for by the rider.
  • All entrance fees to national parks etc.

What’s not included:?

  • Flights into Bangkok or Chiang Mai from anywhere in the world?
  • Travel insurance and medical insurance (see note 4 in terms and conditions)
  • Alcohol
  • Snacks or drinks bought from petrol stations or gifts and souvenirs etc?
  • Tips or gratuities?

As a rough guide, whilst out on our tour you should not need more than £10 per day normal expenses. All Thai Bike Tours start Sunday, this may be your day of arrival or you may choose to arrive Friday or a few days before, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel whenever you arrive in Chiang Mai.

We will ensure you are ready for your first full days riding which is always on a Monday, we collect you from the airport or railway station, transfer you to your hotel, we will come back and brief you and ensure you are fully kitted out and all paperwork reference to bike insurance etc has been completed, we don”t want to be doing this on Monday am as we want an early start, on the road for 8am ish.

Sunday Afternoon and evening we will show you Chiang Mai and a few local sites.

The whole group will meet for a team briefing, a meal and a couple of beers (on me).

Depending on transfer times we may even have time to head into the hills Sunday afternoon just to loosen things up abit and get a feel for the bikes and gear.

All 7 and 14 day biketours finish Saturday (also a spare day), your last riding day will be Friday, unless we have had to use the Saturday spare day due to unforeseen events.

Friday night is welcome home night and my treat is a great meal and a few beers next to the beautiful river Ping. (bikes and gear are all sorted out at leisure on Saturday including payback of deposits etc)

Please note: 5 and 10 day biketours will finish on a Thursday


  • Arrival to Chiang Mai

    You need to arrive either Friday, Saturday or Sunday into Chiang Mai airport or railway station, the flight from Bangkok is 1hr 10 mins there are many flight options, the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok is a great adventure but leaves Bangkok at 6pm and arrives Chiang Mai at around 9am (this has been known to be delayed).


    Departure from Chiang Mai

    7 and 14 day tours
    Unless you are staying on in Chiang Mai or the Northern region, you will need to arrange your departure for Sunday.
    5 day tours will be Friday and 10 day tours will be Tuesday, preferably after midday!!

    We will collect you from your hotel and transfer you to either the airport the railway station or car hire depot. If you want to stay an extra night in your hotel we will of course arrange your transfer on the following day. Let us know in advance and we can book the hotel on your behalf.

    If you have any further requests or ideas please let me know and I will advise and offer my personal help wherever I can.

    Note: We will not add any profit to any third party arrangements, car hire, hotels excursions etc


    Your Chiang Mai first and last night will be very comfortable and will be in a beautiful city centre hotel, western 3 star equivalent.

    We want you to relax and enjoy the city, the people the night life whatever you choose, your first night in Chiang Mai does include a complimentary traditional Thai massage to ensure all those muscles are relaxed and ready for the tour ahead.


    We are travelling deep into the jungle, we have located some beautiful bamboo bungalow resorts that offer en suite accommodation, nice clean beds and wonderful Thai food.

    We never camp and will never sleep under the stars!! Unless you really want to, I wont be by the way!!

    When we are nearer to civilisation we will stop over at locally run guesthouses, all are en-suite and have been tried and tested by me recently!


    We only stay in quality local guesthouses and small family run hotels, we have tried and tested them all recently and they will of course be en suite and offer clean cool rooms with friendly and helpful staff.

    All accommodation will be booked on a single occupancy basis.


    • Well what is there to say!! Thai food is beautiful and fresh however pork and sticky rice is not often our choice for breakfast, so we will carry with us western breakfast cereals just in case!! Fresh fruit is always available.
    • Portion sizes in Thailand are not so generous however eating often is the order of the day, we will be stopping for regular drink and snack breaks.
    • Breakfast lunch and dinner is included throughout the tour as is morning and afternoon tea.
    • The food is always fresh and served with a smile, any specific dietary requirements must be discussed before you book.
    • Delicious seafood, chicken and pork are extremely common, rice and noodle dishes including curry soups always form the basis of every menu, bottled water is an absolute must, never drink the tap water!!
    • Most villages and petrol stations will sell coca cola and a few western snacks, there is a refrigerator on board the support truck to hold your secret stash!!


    Our tours are suited to experienced bikers, as the terrain and the road conditions can vary incredibly and dealing with the unexpected will be the norm! We want your tour to be the best it can be for you. Please be honest with you own ability assessment.


    Off road – novice – beginner little or no off road experience.
    Off road – experienced – (Weekly Sunday greenlaning) (1 yr min).
    Off road – competitor – enduro moto x, trials etc.

    On road – novice beginner-recently passed test (less than 2 yrs).
    On road – experienced daily or weekly rider (riding 2yrs or more).
    On road – extensive touring experience national or international.

    Tell us what you ride and how often, and what you want from the tour, if you know!! Be honest please![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=” Your Ability”]Our tours are generally suited to experienced bikers, as the terrain and the road conditions can vary incredibly and dealing with the unexpected will be the norm!!

    Off-road introduction sessions and Training day

    If off-road riding is new to you then why not start with an introduction/training session and then hit the trails and tracks with confidence, you will be amazed at how quick you get the hang of it!!

    We want your tour to be the best it can be for you, please be honest with you own ability assessment.

    It must be acknowledged that these terms and conditions form part of the booking form available on the Thai bike Tours website and therefore form part of the contract between Thai bike Tours and the applicant named in the completed booking form.

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